Appropriate Marathon training is always a challenge to schedule in ones daily routine. How to get all of each days events in the book and done. Join us every week through the summer as we take on the Equinox route one section at a time. We’ll meet every Thursday at the UAF Patty Center at 6:00pm. Please note that the first run has been changed to Wednesday, the 8th, but all subsequent runs will return to Thursdays. Check the RCN Google Calendar to be sure.

RCN does not have a fee for our training and it is open to all comers. As an incentive for folks to become a New Running Club North member or extend your existing RCN membership coverage, George has a SET shirt/bottle combo special. Sign up or extend membership and receive A Shirt in a Bottle. You chose the size and I get to choose a shirt from a prior RCN event and water bottle combo as a Thank You for supporting RCN and the running community here in the Golden Heart!

Additionally, George Berry is looking for a sidekick to help as needed on organizing the SET Thursday evening training sessions. Help with flagging, trail sweep, wrangling the rowdy herd of runners etc.

Heads up: We always use Odom Corp donated “Powerade” for our SET series. We will always have Powerade (drink of the Equinox) and of course COOKIES at the end to refuel/rehydrate after your training. I would like to start a new tradition: Do you have your special/favorite Cookie recipe that you would like us to try out? Bring it on! We would love to taste and critique your favorite!

Contact George Berry at 687-8769 anytime,