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KML FileRoute NameStartFinishDistanceDescriptionGPX File
2013_gold_discovery_run.kml2013 Gold Discovery RunSilver Gulch, FoxSilver Gulch, Fox16.46Half trails and hills, half road.2013_gold_discovery_run.gpx
2016_cache_creek_warmup.kml2016 Cache Creek WarmupCache Creek and Murphy Dome Rd.Cache Creek6.76Out and back along dirt road.2016_cache_creek_warmup.gpx
2016_chena_river_run.kml2016 Chena River RunWood River SchoolPrincess Hotel3.165K start of the summer running season.2016_chena_river_run.gpx
2016_chilly_buns_run.kml2016 Chilly Buns RunUAF Patty CenterUAF Patty Center6.47Winter run on Miller Hill and Yankovich..2016_chilly_buns_run.gpx
2016_equinox_marathon.kml2016 Equinox MarathonUAF Patty CenterUAF Patty Center26.03The 2016 course with some new sections.2016_equinox_marathon.gpx
2016_george_bloom_memorial_midday_sun_fun_run.kml2016 George Bloom Memorial Midday Sun Fun RunUAF Patty CenterUAF Patty Center6.35Loop on Miller Hill and Yankovich.2016_george_bloom_memorial_midday_sun_fun_run.gpx
2016_hoodoo_half_marathon.kml2016 HooDoo Half MarathonGoldstream SportsHooDoo Brewery13.08Mostly downhill along roads and bike paths.2016_hoodoo_half_marathon.gpx
2016_midnight_sun_run.kml2016 Midnight Sun RunUAF Patty CenterPioneer Park6.27Summer solstice run through Fairbanks neighborhoods.2016_midnight_sun_run.gpx
2016_Santa_Claus_half_marathon.kml2016 Santa Half MarathonChena Lakes - North Pole AlaskaSame13.1This is the new 2016 course for the infamous Santa 1/2 Marathon in Beautiful North Pole Alaska. The course works its way around Chena Lakes on the Trail system then you make your way up on the dike and run back toward the start. This is an easy course and absolutely breathtaking on a sunny day.2016_Santa_Claus_half_marathon.gpx
Trail_Loop_Behind_UAF.kmlNorth Campus Trail RunParking lot on UAF West Ridge near the Ski HutSame6.5Beautiful trail run in West Fairbanks. Often the trails are a bit wet, but most of the time your feet will dry by the time you finish the loop. Be sure to bring mosquito repellent as the bugs can get quite bad at times.Trail_Loop_Behind_UAF.gpx
Another_Miller_Hill_Loop.kmlTraditional Miller Hill LoopUAF Patty CenterSame6.5This is a good training loop that you will find runners out and about on a regular basis. You can run it either direction, but I prefer running up Miller Hill as it's fairly steep and the downhill on the back side is a nice gentle slope. Be sure to watch for cars as parts of this course are on the road and there's not much of a shoulder.Another_Miller_Hill_Loop.gpx

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