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Fahrenheit Be Darned #11 & Full Moon #3: 12/11/2019

Two for the price of one. This Wednesday it is a combined Fahrenheit Be Darned and Full Moon run. We'll start with the usual Full Moon route, but we'll add on from there to make it an 8 mile total out and back route. Everyone should know the Full Moon route by now:...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #10: 12/4/2019

They say to let it snow, but come on now. It keeps coming. Chances are we will contend with a lot of new snow so we're going to stay around campus where odds are better that the roads and sidewalks will be somewhat cleared. The route this week is an update to one of...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #9: 11/27/2019

As you're preparing for your Thanksgiving festivities, don't forget to make time for the Fahrenheit Be Darned run this Wednesday. It's your chance to put one more run in the bank before the big day. Yes, there's always a lot to do the night before Thanksgiving, but...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #8: 11/20/2019

Did you know that there is a Himalayan Trail on campus? Me neither. But George found it and suggested a route for this week that will let you discover it as well. It's fairly well hidden through the trees just up the hill behind Patty Center. It's not a lighted trail...

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