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Fahrenheit Be Darned #8: 11/20/2019

Did you know that there is a Himalayan Trail on campus? Me neither. But George found it and suggested a route for this week that will let you discover it as well. It's fairly well hidden through the trees just up the hill behind Patty Center. It's not a lighted trail...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #7: 11/13/2019

The next Fahrenheit Be Darned Run finds us in the middle of November already. Time to put a few more miles in the bank before Thanksgiving. New rule: every time you come to FBD in November means you can have another piece of pumpkin pie. I'm OK with that. The route...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #6: 11/6/2019

A new month with new snow and new darkness. Daylight savings time has ended so it's going to be a lot darker from now on. It's also gotten a lot colder with low temperatures below 0. That means running gear and clothing are more important now than they have been....

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #5: 10/30/2019

Our fifth Fahrenheit Be Darned run of the season falls on the night before Halloween. Not much frightens this intrepid band of runners, but we'll see what we can do to scare up a spine-tingling romp through the pumpkin patch. But first, a word about equipment. Those...

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