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Fahrenheit Be Darned #21: 2/19/2020

Up, down, warm, cold. We're getting a good variety of weather these days. After -20 last week, we should be around +20 this week. If you didn't make it last week because it was too cold, you have no excuse now. We hope you grab your winter running gear and come join...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #20: 2/12/2020

Well that didn't take long. We got in a few days of mild temperatures, but now they're heading back down again. The forecast says we can look for about -20 degrees for FBD this week. George has us hitting the stairs around campus to get our heart rate elevated. He...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #19: 2/5/2020

We finally made it through a long cold January and it looks like our first run in February is going to be on the plus side of zero for Fahrenheit Be Darned #19. Not only that, it's supposed to get into the low teens. So shed a layer or two and come join us this...

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Fahrenheit Be Darned #18: 1/29/2020

It's looking like it will be a bit chilly again for FBD this week, but that hasn't stopped us before and it won't stop us now. We're going to try a route that is comprised of 3 mini routes. That way you can call it quits whenever you need to or stop in at the Patty...

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