Route Submission

Submit a KML file for the Running Routes page.

  • Give a brief descriptive name for your route
  • Brief description of where your route starts
  • Enter 'Same' if it ends in the same place it starts
  • Enter distance in miles
  • Give a brief description of your route that might be helpful to others.
  • Accepted file types: kml, Max. file size: 16 MB.

How to submit a route

We need a KML file to display a route in our repository. The easiest way to generate a KML file is to run the route with a Garmin or other GPS device. Once you download the track of your route, whether that’s to your local computer or a cloud-based site such as or, you should be able to export it to a KML file. That’s all you need to do.

If you don’t have a GPS device or you haven’t run the course yet, you can use Google Earth to create a KML file. You can do this by using the Ruler tool in Path mode and clicking along the route and then saving the route when it’s complete. You’ll find your new route listed among the map places on the left where you can choose to “Save Place As…” and save it as a file to your local computer. Be sure to select the KML format.

Once you have the KML file, fill out this form and submit it along with your file. If you have markers or laps in your route, they will show up as pin markers in the map. We recommend setting your GPS device to automatically record a lap every mile as that will be very helpful for people considering whether to try out your route.

Additional tips

Give your route a simple name to identify it. If it is the route for an established race, use the race name and optionally the year it was run. Some race courses have changed over the years so it’s helpful to identify which year the map represents.

Give the starting and finishing locations as needed. Common locations, such as the UAF Patty Center, are well known. Others might need more of a description, especially if it’s out of town where a simple address isn’t enough. If the finish is the same as the start, just enter “Same”.

Give whatever description of the route you think will be helpful to others. Is it hilly or rocky? Is there a tricky turn somewhere that requires added details? Is it only passable certain times of the year? We don’t need a step by step narrative, but give us some idea what to expect.

Please include your name and email address so we can contact you if we have any questions. Thanks!