Join Running Club North! We are an active, fun group of people who love to be on the roads and trails on our own power.

Anyone can join the club without regard to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, or age. Members are those interested in encouraging or participating in running activities for recreation, physical fitness or as a competitive sport, upon payment of dues.

A common question we are asked is “how is my membership money spent?” or “where does my membership money go”.? Here are a few things that your membership provides.

1)  RCN, as a sponsor of numerous local running events, is a member of Road Runners Club of America(RRCA) which provides insurance for these events. RCN pays for membership in RRCA with the rate based on the number of our membership.
2)  RCN is an advocate for trails in the Interior.
3)  RCN supports and provides scholarships to high school athletes.
4)  RCN has provided funding for statewide high school invitational track  meets.
5)  We provide a wide range of race equipment for RCN sponsored events.
6)  RCN also makes equipment available to other organizations for a very nominal fee.
7)  RCN provides an awards banquet every year.
8)  The past several years RCN has put on a winter social at no cost to members.

Additionally, as an RCN member, you’ll be able to receive reduced registration on some RCN sponsored events and several local businesses offer RCN members a discount.

Being a member of Running Club North is a great investment to the individual runner, the running community, the whole Fairbanks community, and the Alaska running community.

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