Running Club North would like to thank those who have helped the running community in providing numerous and quality running events. It takes many forms of sponsorship to put events together from outright monetary contributions to inkind donations. Without their support, we would not be able to put on the quanity and varierty of events that are on the calendar.

These are but a few of the many organizations that we would like to acknowledge. Please support these organizations as they do the running community.


The following businesses offer discounts to Running Club members for 2015/16:

  • Alaska Salmon Bake & Palace Theater at Pioneer Park, 452-7274: $5.00 off dinner and half off Palace Theater tickets (space available)
  • Beaver Sports at 3480 College Rd, 479-2494: 15% off running gear (clothes, bottles, belts, shoes)
  • Equinox Physical Therapy at 3677 College Road Ste. 12, 479-3800: 10% discount on services rendered
  • Goldstream Sports at 711 Sheep Creek Rd, 455-6520: “Buy Shoes/Get Gear” discount program, military bonus