Use this form to rent equipment (if available) for your NON-RCN EVENTS.

Please note that not all events in the RCN calendar are RCN events. If your event is not listed in the form select box, select Other non-RCN Event (at the bottom of the list) and then enter the event name in the text box that appears. Please note that RCN events have priority for equipment. Consider scheduling your event for a date that doesn’t conflict with other events if possible.

Fill out the form with your information and then select the items and quantities you want to request. The RCN equipment liaison will contact you to go over what is available, provide the cost, and arrange pickup of the equipment. Cost of equipment rental is as follows:

$50 for races with less than 200 participants
$100 for races with 200 to 1000 participants
$200 for races with over 1000 participants