RCN Scrapbook

You will find Running Club North members in races all over the world. One way we can share in each others accomplishments is through this scrapbook where you’ll find inspiration, possibilities, and a little adventure. If you’ve traveled to distant places and included runs along the way, we’d love to hear about it. Please contact us at running@runningclubnorth.org to send us stories and pictures or to find out more.


Chiang Mai Marathon – Larry Hall

Chiang Mai MarathonChiang Mai, ThailandLarry Hall - December 17, 2023 Imagine starting an international marathon at 3:00 AM on a December morning with the starting line at an ancient city gate, flood lighted, the entrance to a 700 year old walled city, Chiang Mai and...

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A Southern Indiana Romp in the Hills – Paul Greci

Tecumseh Trail ChallengePaul Greci - 21 October 2023 The Tecumseh Trail Challenge lives up to its name and then some. The event takes place in late October in the hills and steep-sided, forested hollows of Southern Indiana. You can choose from an 8.7 mile fun run,...

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Running in Hungary – Keith Pollock

Budapest MarathonKeith Pollock - 29 September 2002 Two days after the Equinox Marathon, my wife Susan and I boarded a plane and headed east. It was the begining of a 5-week vacation and what better way than to go somewhere you've never been before, where you can't...

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Running in France – Dave Cowee

18th Marathon du MedocDave Cowee - 7 September 2002 If you enjoy running the Midnight Sun Run in costume, then you should consider running the Marathon du Medoc! If you enjoy eating post-race food like pate and bleu cheese sandwiches, or receiving goodies like a...

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Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden – Dave Cowee

Broloppet 2000Dave Cowee - 12 June 2000 For the first time in history it's now possible to drive from Scandinavia all the way to the Mediterranean. And that's thanks to the new Oresund crossing - a combination tunnel, causeway and bridge - which spans 8 miles of open...

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Ultra Staffellauf: Running Across Russia – Dave Cowee

Ultra StaffellaufDave Cowee - 10-31 July 1998 Ultra Staffellauf, a 5300K ultra relay, is the creation of Peter Loffler, a German banker who resides in the city of Hamburg. As a frequent participant in the Siberian International Marathon (SIM), in the city of Omsk,...

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