Hi friends,

RCN is looking for a volunteer coordinator for spring high school track and field meets. Kuba Grzeda has stepped down from the position but is willing to work with the new person in the transition.

It’s a very rewarding position that gets you close to some of the best track and field events in the state.

There has traditionally been a stipend available for the position.

Kuba would be happy to work with, train, and support anyone with an interest in taking over. There’s a dedicated, long-serving volunteer core that makes a lot of the key responsibilities go smoothly.

The volunteer coordinator is often the head track person and comes to all the meets. This year the first two meets (there are 4 that RCN helps with) are condensed into one Saturday: the last two meets of the year, including regionals, have a couple events on Friday afternoon.

Other than the meets, it’s mainly just getting people together over email, text, Facebook, and any other way, to volunteer. There’s a great core of people that have helped for years, most of who are super willing to come out again. We have a big list to share. That’s probably a couple hours a week, but is easily spread out over half an hour a day or maybe a little more around the regional meet.

Please let me know if you have any interest or questions about the position. Kuba would love to work with someone this spring as part of the transition. You many email him at kuba@runningclubnorth.org or email me at equipment@runningclubnorth.org .


Running Club North

Track and Field Coordinator