Chena River to Ridge and Endurance North need critical volunteers to keep these organizations going.

Chena River to Ridge

This awesome multi-sport winter race needs a Race Director (or directors). Nikki Potter and Ryan Kabat, who did an excellent job running it recently, have stepped down. Without someone to take the reins, this event won’t happen. Nikki and Ryan will certainly help the new director(s) get started, but the sooner someone steps up, the more time to get oriented.

Chena River to Ridge Race

Endurance North

Endurance North needs board members. EN oversees the White Mountains 100, Tanana River Challenge, and the Chena River to Ridge. The races are run independently, but Endurance North helps them run and coordinate with each other.

The EN board meets quarterly. Pre-race season, the board discusses anything that needs to be done to support the races. Post-race season, the board debriefs and figures out how to improve things. The group has also been trying to do some community-oriented projects, such as trail grooming. Perhaps purchasing a groomer or finding ways to raise and funnel funds to those already doing grooming.

Endurance North board positions needing to be filled:

–President: Sets agenda for the meetings, leads the meetings, etc.

–Treasurer: Handles all the bank accounts

–Volunteer Coordinator/Sponsorship Coordinator: (could be split into two)

–Member at Large: Assists with side projects

Questions? Contact Nikki Potter