Online registration is now available for the Musk Ox Trail Run, the final event in the Drew Harrington Trail Series.  The link is below and on the calendar.
The final event of the Drew Harrington Trail Series! Challenging trail run that begins and ends at Large Animal Research Station (LARS) on Yankovich Rd. Course is approximately 13.5 miles and is an out-and-back from LARS to the Skyline Ridge trail. You will travel over narrow paths with roots and plenty of up and down hills. Some of the course covers the Equinox trail, some over Skarland trails, and some over borough trails from Ski Boot Hill. Parts of the course pass over private property, so be respectful. There will also be about 14 road crossings (7 in each direction), with the major crossing being at the top of Ballaine Rd by the Ballaine Vet Clinic. With all the rain, the course will be pretty slippery. This probably isn’t a good time to try for a PR. Will provide water at Ballaine and Ski Boot Hill. Compliant snacks will be provided at the finish.

Volunteers are needed to help with the following: 
1 or 2 – Timing at LARS, 
2 or 3 – Manage the aid station at Ballaine and keep an eye on traffic as participants cross in each direction
1 or 2 – Manage the aid station at Sky Boot Hill
1 – At the turnaround on Skyline Ridge trail to keep people from going out to Mia/Noel

If anyone is interested in sweeping the course and getting credit for race participation, please let me know. My cell is (907) 888-2287 and my email is

Thanks, and look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

Bobbi Jo Katchmar