Dear Running Club North Community,

As we work towards the safe return of in-person events, The Running Club North Board of Directors has implemented the attached Covid-19 Mitigation Plan. New for the 2021 season, ALL RCN sponsored events will require online registration. Registration for all events will close at noon on the day prior to the event taking place. Participation may be capped depending on the location of the event and the ability to maintain proper social distancing. Registration for these events will close once the cap has been met, but by no later than noon on the day prior to the event. There will be no same day registration. This is to allow race directors to plan for the amount of participation and make adjustments as needed.

As much as we love to share the joy of running with others, we kindly ask that spectators stay clear of the start/finish line and the course.

Please look for additional information regarding online registration in the coming weeks. The online Calendar of Events will also be published shortly. Please understand that some RCN sponsored events may still be conducted virtually.

We appreciate your patience as we start to transition back to in-person events. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to: We look forward to seeing you again!

Thank you,

Running Club North Board of Directors

To ensure the health and safety of all Running Club North participants, race directors (RDs), and volunteers, the
RCN Board of Directors has implemented the following minimum Covid-19 mitigation guidelines to be adhered to
at all RCN sponsored events. The RCN Board of Directors also requires that in addition to these minimum
requirements, all RDs develop race-specific Covid-19 mitigation plans. Prior to all RCN sponsored events, mitigation plans will need to be reviewed and approved by the RCN Board of Directors. These RCN minimums are in addition to all state, local, and venue specific public health mandates. These guidelines will be in place from April 1, 2021 –October 1, 2021 and may be updated at any time throughout the 2021 running season.

● All volunteers and RDs will be required to wear masks when proper social distancing cannot be
● It will be requested that participants wear masks at their own discretion.
● All participants must pre-register in an online format and will be required to sign a virtual waiver. There
will be no race day online registration; online registration will close at noon the day before the race.
● In the event potential participants are unable to access the internet to register online themselves, and
they are unable to find help elsewhere, they should notify the RD(s) or the RCN board and we will make
every effort to arrange an alternative pre-registration method. (Such registrations will still need to be
completed before noon the day before the race; please reach out for assistance as early as possible.)
● Participation may be capped depending on the location of the event and ability to maintain proper social
distancing. For capped races, online registration will end when the cap is met.
● At least one email/Facebook announcement needs to be published prior to the event encouraging
participants to stay home if they feel ill, if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested
positive for Covid-19, or if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the previous 10 days.
● Pens and all other shared supplies must be sanitized between uses.
● Sanitizer must be available for participants, race directors, and volunteers to use.
● A wave start system may be required depending on the location of the event and ability to maintain
proper social distancing.
● RDs should encourage participants to maintain social distancing at the start/finish line and during the race.
● All bib pick-up events will be held in outdoor spaces, and if need be, over the span of multiple days to
avoid larger than necessary crowds.
● All races will be fully self-supported or have pre-packaged drinks/food items only.
● All participants should be discouraged from sharing fluids, gels, or other items with people outside of
their own household.
● All participants should be discouraged from spitting, blowing snot rockets, or purposely expressing bodily
fluids during the event. Those needing to get rid of snot during the event should carry tissues, a
handkerchief, or small towel and a small bottle of sanitizer to use after.
● Closely grouped selfies or group photos should be discouraged.
● Spectators are discouraged.