Alaska and Fairbanks specifically, is an aviation orientated community.  So in this vain lets review where our flight plan has gotten us since take off last Oct 7. TakeOff on a potholed dirt strip got us in the air but many turbulent Mini storms surrounding the virus has kept us all a bit reserved in all our movements. Most of our multi year, Friends of FBD, and many newcomers are bravely getting out on weekly or more often runs to keep miles up and spirits UP! Amazingly, after this long bumpy flight we are on the “down wind leg” quickly approaching our “final approach”! This Weds 2/17, starts our week 20 of FBD! Daylight is gaining, throttle is steady and no icing conditions foreseen as we approach a March 31 touchdown. In next weeks be on alert for notice on our annual “Road Trip” outing. Someone asked, if a final Rose/ Exit exam would take place on Weds March 15? I have it from a reliable source that TB1’s response was “The ladies always deserve a Rose and I hope you have been taking notes! Embrace week 20 thru 25 as best you can by staying safe and physically active! TB 1, 2 , 3. Still in a funk, review the RCN web site as to how FBD has been approached this season by looking at any of the FBD listings and read through all the details on how easy it is to participate.