December is upon us with a few Running opportunities to supplement your personal training. Nothing new that most everything is happening in a bit different format these days. First; FBD continues each week with a varied routing/distance to incorporate with your personal run schedule, with or without a TB(Trail Bud). If you get it done be sure to txt Geo for inclusion on the attendance roster. An option for one of your December FBD outings could be a trot down “River View Drive” to enjoy the brilliant Holiday festive lighting on many of the homes there. Second: The biggie this month is the annual “Dawn to Dusk” D2D pt2 event happening over 3 days this year. Official start on Sat 19th thru midnight Monday 21st. No sign up necessary, do on your own or kick off with us at Chena Ridge Plaza parking lot adjacent to “Frosty Feet Running Co ” store. TB1 will be set up in parking lot with banner to get you started if you choose a traditional happening this year. Warm up drinks /snacks in a regular Fairbanks winter tailgate format will be available. Frosty Feet has offered inside warm ups as can be safely accommodated with their regular business. Thxs Stacey & Maya! When you get it done let me know your stats, miles, for placements. I have been reading a bit on a special astronomical show of Jupiter/Saturn also on the 21st . A “Christmas Star”, not since year 1226, will be happening! So maybe we will get a glimpse of this too. Finally: any months running is not complete if a Full Moon 4-miler is not topped off on the schedule, Tuesday the 29th. Best to you and your families this crazy Holiday season from the FBD front office Ed, Jeremy and George.