Hi, all!

The 13th annual Cache Creek Warm-Up is a do-it-yourself project this year. Get out of town on your own schedule (by 11/8/2020) and run a 6.8-mile out-and-back on Cache Creek Road, and report your results to me.

I’ll submit them to be posted on the RCN website and RCN Facebook page. You win the adulation of your peers!!!

This race was invented to fill empty space in the November race calendar, and had been scheduled for 10am Saturday 11/7 this year. It’s attracted from 6 to 27 hardy souls each year, with starting temps ranging from -7F to +30F. It’s on a logging road, and you never know what the snow and/or ice conditions will be! But it’s in the hills and so should be warmer than in town. And it’s guaranteed to be hilly!

The course: Officially, the race starts and ends on Cache Creek Road by the “Active Logging Road” sign (photo attached, if it works with the listserve process) just off the intersection with Murphy Dome Road (at Mile 8.7 MD Road). Run Cache Creek Road the whole race – past Sherman Road at mile 2.5, past the inviting pullout at mile 3, down to the bottom of the hill at mile 3.4 (there’s a small pullout where in years past we had an aid station, and the road turns left). Turn around and come back the way you came. My Garmin clocked it at 6.76 miles with 624 feet of elevation gain (Sherman is the high point).
To report your results: By 7pm Sunday evening 11/8/2020, email or text me your name, gender, age and time. Feel free to send along a selfie or fun snippet about your run. I’ll make a public post on my Facebook page as well as submitting results to RCN.

Now get out of town and have fun!
Jane LanfordĀ – 907-687-0769 –