This last week of Oct has a couple of opportunities to do some Winter running. FBD kicks Off Wk 4 weds 28 thru Tues 11-3. Review RCN website for a suggested route. It is the first 5 miles of the Equinox course then back across North campus “foot” trail to West Ridge, down the hill to PC parking lot. With this recent snow it may not be the best choice. So any outing where you can get around a 7 miler under your belt will get it done.

Sat is a double dipper day(DDD)! Oh boy a new acronym! Frosty Feet and RWB are hosting a Halloween happening. Ck RCN calendar for details. Finally, Sat is also another Full Moon – “Hunters Moon” this month! So find a 4 miler you can also knock out this weekend! Have fun with your trail buds wrapping up Oct!! GB