For those who may be new to Running Club North or new to running Fahrenheit Be Darned, here’s a crash course on reading George Berry lingo…

TB= Trail Boss

Not to be confused with Tb, or Trail Buds

TB1= Geo

TB2= Ed

TB3= Jeremy

TXT= text Geo at: 907-687-8769

Under each calendar event for the corresponding week, you’ll see a link that says, “click for map of suggested route.” Remember, this is your night. Your chance to get out, maybe meet up with a trail buddy or two, and enjoy some miles during the coldest, darkest months of winter in Fairbanks.

As the months go on, you’ll pick up more George Berry lingo, but if you ever need help figuring out where to go or what is being said, please reach out!

Week 2 ,FBD 2020 is upon us this Wed 14 thru 21st. Weather is holding solid, so round up a few Trail Buds and get all or a piece of this in your journal as done!! Go to the RCN web site calendar for Week 2, 10-14 event. Each weeks completion should be followed up with a TXT to Geo. Be sure not to miss getting your attendance recorded. Also journal your miles towards your 100 mile challenge if you have taken this on too. Whoo Hooo! TB1