While the 2020 running season has come and nearly went without most in person events taking place, the time has come to plan our annual events calendar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual “live” October Calendar meeting will not take place, however, for this year, we will conduct the 2021 Running Club North Events Calendar meeting in an online format. If the virus is still hanging around in 2021, please understand that like this year, adjustments and/or cancellations to events may need to be made at a later date. The decision to cancel your event completely or shift it to a virtual event may be required.

Please use the online Calendar Event Application on the RCN website at: https://www.runningclubnorth.org/calendar-event-application/ . Once on the website, you will be prompted to provide your event information. Red asterisk fields are required information. Please note that the form allows for both a standard and early start time. Most events have simply one start time, but there are several which offer an early start for slower runners and walkers. After you have completed and submitted the form, you will receive an auto-reply acknowledging receipt of your application.

It is not necessary that all information be finalized at this time, however, we do need to know that you want your event on the calendar and what your preferred and alternate dates are. As in the past, annual events with traditional dates will be given priority. It is important that an alternate date be listed in case of any conflict with another event. Inclusion of new events in the calendar may be requested. The dates for new events should not conflict with any RCN event. You may call to discuss your event before or during the meeting. If canceling or discontinuing your event, notify the newspaper and the RCN Webmaster by e-mail at running@runningclubnorth.org

Please note that submission of the online Calendar Event Application is the first step in scheduling, planning, managing and completing a safe and successful event. Please review the resources and documents on the RCN website at: https://www.runningclubnorth.org/race-directors/ to learn more.

There will be no live Calendar Meeting for the 2020 season. Please submit your Calendar Event Application prior to Wednesday, October 7th. A Zoom meeting or conference call will be scheduled at a later date to resolve any scheduling conflicts that may be present.

If you have questions or suggestions of any type, or problems completing the online form, please contact me directly.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these challenging times.


Tamara Hall

Calendar Liaison & Media Coordinator

(907) 385-7464