It is now March and we’re down to only 4 remaining Fahrenheit Be Darned runs for this winter. Temperatures at night are dropping down into the -20 to -30 range, but the days are warming up nicely. Combine that with the sun staying up longer and we should be in for an enjoyable run this week.

From Patty Center, head west through the roundabout and out towards the farm. Take a left just before the farm, cross the train tracks and across the field toward Geist. Hopefully that’s been cleared after the recent snowfall. At Geist, follow the trail to the left to just before Morris Thompson Drive where you’ll turn left and go back towards the train tracks. Turn left again just before the tracks back to where you crossed them before and back to Sheep Creek bike path. Take a left and continue past the farm to the commuter trail to the right. Take that trail up the hill to Fireworks Corner, go straight across to Yukon Drive, and turn left at the museum. Go to the T and turn right on North Tanana Loop and follow that to the traffic lights on Farmers Loop. A right turn there brings you to College and University where you’ll take another right up the hill past the power plant and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 6.15 miles, almost 10K.

If the trail along Geist and Morris Thompson Way are not cleared, then an option is to cross Geist at the Parks at the traffic light and follow the bike path over to Loftus, back across Geist, and Morris Thompson Way to the roundabout where you can turn left and continue on past the farm, etc.

Might not need headlamps anymore, but reflective gear is still important for being seen. Rumor has it daylight savings time starts this coming weekend so we’ll have lots of light for our final 3 runs. Might be time to get in some longer runs. Where do you feel like going?