We’re down to the last 3 FBD runs of the season. Mornings are a bit chilly once again, but the days have been warming up nicely so we expect good conditions this week. With the added daylight, you’re going to want to just keep on going forever.

The route this week includes bits and pieces from the Midnight Sun Run and the Chena River Run. We’ll start by heading to the roundabout and down Morris Thompson Drive and across Geist. At the first right, turn on Wood River Drive and go all the way to the end and hop over onto the bike path that parallels the Parks. Turn left there. When you get to the bridge, veer to the left and then follow it around to the right under the bridge. Keep on the bike path until you can turn left onto Steelhead Road. Turn left at your first opportunity onto Dartmouth Drive, then right onto Stanford Drive, and then one more right onto Steelhead Road. Head back to the bike path from whence you came and follow it back to the river and under the bridge. Once past the bridge, keep going straight and then curve to the left to come out on Loftus Road. Take a right onto Birch Lane and a left onto Fairbanks Street. Cross Geist and go past the community garden and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 4.5 miles. If you want more, you can keep going on Steelhead Road and Palo Verde Avenue until you get to Wood River School, the start of the Chena River Run. That would put the total close to 5 miles. There are plenty of other possibilities if you’re looking to extend your run.

You won’t be needing headlamps anymore, but there are a couple road crossings so keep wearing your reflective and bright colored gear. If you have ideas for a road trip next week, let us know. The final Pizza Run is the following week. It’s your chance to see what everyone looks like without all their winter running gear on.