We finally made it through a long cold January and it looks like our first run in February is going to be on the plus side of zero for Fahrenheit Be Darned #19. Not only that, it’s supposed to get into the low teens. So shed a layer or two and come join us this Wednesday as we look to pick up the pace and distance from the recent runs.

The route is straightforward, but we’ve include a map anyway. Heading west, we’ll go through the roundabout and out the Sheep Creek bike path for a little over 3.5 miles to Black Sheep Road. Turn right there and follow it to the T junction with Line Drive. Make another right turn back towards Sheep Creek and take a left turn onto the bike path and return to the Patty Center. Total distance is 7.6 miles. If you want something shorter, you can turn around at any point for your own out and back course. We’ve added some yellow dots to the accompanying map to help you plan a shorter distance. If you go to the farm and back, that will be 2 miles. To the intersection with Sheep Creek Extension and back will give you 3 miles. Turning around at the intersection with Miller Hill will give you 4 miles. And going to Hay Way and back will make it 5 miles.

Will the milder temperatures stick around for a while? No telling what’s in store so come on out this Wednesday and get in a warmer run while you can. You won’t need as much cold weather clothing, but you will need lights and reflective gear. Although have you noticed there is already a bit of light in the sky at 5:30? Spring is not all that far away!