Join us this Wednesday as we say goodbye to February, leaving only 1 more month of FBD runs for this season. March always offers more daylight and firmer trails which means more options of where to run. In the past we’ve done March road trips to run on some winter trails out in Goldstream or elsewhere. Let us know if you have some ideas of where we could go this year.

This week we will be staying closer to home, although parts of the route will be new. We will start by heading out Fairbanks Street to cross Geist and then keep heading south to Birch Lane. Take a left turn here and then take another left at the T intersection with Wilcox. Go all the way back up to Geist, take a right turn and then another right turn on University. Keep going until you cross the Chena River and then turn right into Sportsman Way, the first turn off University after the bridge. Follow the main road past BLM until you come out near Airport across from Fred Meyer. Before you get to Airport, take a right turn onto Boat Street. You can try the walking path off the road if it’s been cleared, otherwise stay on the left side of the roadbed. Follow that until just before the river and take the pedestrian ramp up to the new bridge. Cross the bridge and when you get back to ground level, take a sharp 180 degree turn to the right and take the path back towards the river and around to the end of Loftus Road. Head back up to Geist, cross to Morris Thompson Way to the roundabout and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 5.15 miles.

If you want to add on a little more distance to your run, there are some options shown in yellow on the map. You can continue on the bike path and either take Woodriver Drive or Geist back to Loftus. If you feel adventurous you can cross Geist and take the path across the field to the botanical garden and back. Those options won’t add too much, but you might be able to break 6 miles if you go the field route. Whatever you decide, you’re going to have a great run. It’s a lot lighter when the run starts, but it still gets dark by time it ends so keep bringing your lamps and reflective gear. Another month to go so stay safe and we’ll see you Wednesday.