Up, down, warm, cold. We’re getting a good variety of weather these days. After -20 last week, we should be around +20 this week. If you didn’t make it last week because it was too cold, you have no excuse now. We hope you grab your winter running gear and come join us Wednesday at 5:40 for the pre-run briefing and then out the door at 5:45.

The route this week will cover some sidewalks, bike paths, roads, and trails. A little bit of everything. We’ll start by heading down the hill past the power plant to a left turn out the Farmers Loop bike path. Keep going past the traffic lights, past Ballaine Lake, and up Ballaine Road until you take a left on Yankovich. Keep to left all the way until you are across from the Large Animal Research Station, aka, the muskox farm. Turn left, cross the bike path, and enter the trails where the Equinox Marathon crosses. Very quickly take a jog to the left to get on the commuter trail. Stay off the groomed ski trails please. Follow the commuter trail through the woods until you get to the top of the power cut and follow it down into T field. Again, stay on the commuter trails on the east side of the field. At the other end of T field, cross the ski trail and continue on until you take a right turn toward Smith Lake. Follow the commuter trail across the lake and follow the little path out to the Sheep Creek bike path. Turn left and follow the bike path toward campus. At the UAF sign, take the trail to the left and follow the commuter trail back up the hill to the fireworks pullout at the top. Cross the road and follow it down past Butrovich to the roundabout and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 6.4 miles. We will check out the commuter trail before Wednesday night to make sure they are in good condition. Expect an enjoyable run.