It’s looking like it will be a bit chilly again for FBD this week, but that hasn’t stopped us before and it won’t stop us now. We’re going to try a route that is comprised of 3 mini routes. That way you can call it quits whenever you need to or stop in at the Patty Center for some warmth and cookies. Each mini route will bring you back near the Patty Center so you can choose your distance.

The longest leg (2.5 miles) will head up the hill below Butrovich and down the commuter trail above the farm out to the Sheep Creek bike path near the UAF sign. Hang a left and take the bike path back to Patty Center.

The second leg (1.25 miles) will go past the lower commons and down the hill past the power plant. Just before the time and temperature sign, take a left on the bike path over to Taku parking lot and another left up the hill behind the Fine Arts complex. Take another left behind the engineering building and back to the Patty Center.

The last leg (1.25 miles) turn left on Fairbanks St and over the bridge all the way down to Geist. Take another left on the wide sidewalk to the first left turn into West Valley. One more left through the parking lot until you come back out on Fairbanks St. where you’ll turn right back up and over the hill to campus back to the Patty Center.

Total distance is 5 miles or do the combination of your choice for other distances. Meet around 5:40 at Patty Center for the last FBD of January 2020.