After our holiday road trips, FBD is back to our usual Wednesday scene at UAF Patty Center. I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you this, but it’s cold out there! The forecast for Wednesday is for temperatures between -30 and -40 so dress accordingly. Bring multiple layers and face protection. Bring handwarmers too. Whatever you need for a safe run. Of course that includes reflective gear and lights. Visibility is extra important when there’s ice fog around.

The route for this week is, well, we don’t exactly know yet. George promises what we will call a Winter Shuffle Surprise. Winter because, well, that’s obvious. Shuffle because when it’s that cold, it’s more of a shuffle than a run. And Surprise because George will let us know the route on Wednesday. Given the temperature, it will be short and it will be around campus so you will always have an option to duck into a building as needed if you get too cold. We want to make sure we all have the same number of fingers, toes, and noses next week. So take some extra time packing your gear to make sure you have what you’ll need and then we’ll see you at the Patty Center between 5:30 and 5:45 on Wednesday.

Late breaking news: Our sources say the map above might be the route for this week. Up the hill, a couple loops around West Ridge, and down around lower campus. 3.7 miles. George will also have a shorter option.