The January cold continues and the FBD runs continue as well. The temperature shouldn’t be too bad this week, but it looks like it will be getting colder again by the end of the week. So this Wednesday sounds like the perfect time to get in another run.

I’m not sure of the origin of this week’s run, but I think the basic idea comes from Walter. George seems to call it the Beach Bum Run, but I’m not sure why. You’ll have to ask him on Wednesday. Starting from Patty Center, go left through the parking lot and out in front of the lower commons. Turn up the road to the left towards lower campus, but keep to the left and then drop down the road behind the lower dorms. Halfway back to Patty Center, take the walkway to the right up the hill to Yukon Drive and the upper dorms. Follow Yukon Drive all the way past the museum and Butrovich, crossing the road wherever it’s convenient, and then take a right up towards the ski hut. Instead of going behind the West Ridge Buildings, stay on Koyukuk Drive, the squiggly road in front of the GI and Murie Building. Take a left turn on Sheenjek and back to the road to somewhere and take a right. Take another right to head towards the back of the Reichart Building, ie, the natural sciences building. But before you get there, take a left turn that takes you through the parking lot for the student apartment complex. That will connect with Kuskokwim Way by the upper dorms. Turn left and head out to North Tanana Drive. Before you get to the lights on Farmers Loop, take a left onto the commuter trails that connects with the Farmers Loop bike pat and go to the Ballaine Lake parking area and turn around. Stay on the bike path all the way back to the University and College intersection and turn right. Check out the current temperature on the time and temp sign and come up the hill past the power plant, past the lower commons again and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 4.8 miles. If you want something a bit shorter, the map shows an alternate route in yellow that basically eliminates the West Ridge portion. From Yukon Drive, turn into the Reichart Building entrance around to the back and turn left and go to the back road to somewhere. Turn right and reconnect to the route on North Tanana Drive. That distance is 3.6 miles.

As always, show up at Patty Center sometime between 5:30 and 5:40 for the route briefing and miscellaneous RCN news so we’re on our way by 5:45. It’s still cold so dress warm. It’s still dark so wear reflective gear and headlamps. It’s still a lot of fun so come join us this Wednesday.