Congratulations to all those hardy “soles” who didn’t let a little cold weather keep them from running last week. Looks like we’ll catch a bit of the current warmer weather this Wednesday before it gets cold again. We’re expecting around -10 degrees, which is quite a change from the -40 we had last week. Whatever the temperature, we’ll be there every Wednesday through March. To all those who’ve been coming this year, thanks for your commitment. You are inspiring. And if you haven’t made it yet, but are thinking about it, it’s not too late. We still have 11 FBDs and 2 Full Moons to go and we’d love to have you join us.

The route for this week is a slightly longer version of the route we were planning for last week. Start by going through the roundabout and up the hill and take a right onto Yukon Drive. Take another right into the Butrovich parking lot until you come back up to Yukon Drive across from the museum. Go straight across and follow Sheenjek back behind West Ridge and around to the left through the parking lot, past the ski hut and back to Yukon Drive. Take a left there and stay on the north side of Yukon Drive back to Sheenjek where you’ll turn left. Yes, you’re running a lap and a half around West Ridge. This time when you get to the end of Sheenjek, turn right and follow North Tanana Drive and take the first right to the back of the natural sciences building, AKA, Reichart Building. Take a left there and follow the road back to Yukon Drive one more time. Turn left and then another left at the upper dorms, up and over the hill, and down the road to the traffic lights on Farmers Loop. Turn right on the bike path to College and Alumni Drive and take another right up the hill and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 4.5 miles. There are several options for shorter or longer.

This Wednesday, meet at Patty Center around 5:30 so we’re on our way by 5:45. They are clearing roads and sidewalks around campus now so it should be good running. As always, bring reflective gear and headlamps.