They say to let it snow, but come on now. It keeps coming. Chances are we will contend with a lot of new snow so we’re going to stay around campus where odds are better that the roads and sidewalks will be somewhat cleared. The route this week is an update to one of George’s standard routes and is called “Campus Cardio II.” For those not familiar with his cardio routes, we look for every opportunity to go uphill.

From Patty Center, we will once again go through the roundabout and head up the hill past Butrovich. At the top of the hill take a sharp right onto Yukon Drive. Pass the museum and when you get to the Natural Sciences Bldg (Reichart Bldg) take a left and go around the building until you come back out to Yukon Drive. Turn left and continue for a bit and then take another left up the hill next to the upper dorms. Go up and over that hill to North Tanana Drive and follow the curve to the right until you get to the stoplights on Farmers Loop Road. Turn right and follow the bike path down to the corner of University and College.

From here, take a right turn and go pass the time and temperature sign. Look for the stairs to your right and take those stairs up the hill until you come out on Tanana Drive behind Duckering, the new engineering building. Take a right here and keep heading out until you come to the T intersection with North Tanana Drive that you passed about a mile ago. Turn left here and go back up the hill and take a right on the “Road to Somewhere” that seems to be called Kuskokwim Way. At your first opportunity, take a left turn and go through a parking lot until you come to the back of the Natural Sciences Bldg once again. Go to your right until you come to Yukon Drive one more time. Take a right here past Butrovich and down the hill, through the roundabout, and back to Patty Center. Total distance is 5.2 miles.