We are down to the last two Fahrenheit Be Darned runs of 2019. And one of them is on Christmas Day! More about that later. The run for this week is our traditional run through the Riverview neighborhood to view light displays, reindeer, Santas, and whatever else awaits us. The displays vary from year to year, but there is usually plenty to see.

There are several routes that will get you to the Riverview neighborhood so feel free to plot the course that suits you. The basic route is down Fairbanks Street, past West Valley High School, and across University Avenue at the pedestrian crossing. From there it’s a short stretch to the right to get to the bike path that follows the Johansen Expressway to Peger. Turn right, go under the bridge, and stay on the wide sidewalk on the right side of Peger until you cross the bridge over the Chena River. Turn right to join the end of Riverview Drive and think about that warm June evening last summer when you ran through here with the Midnight Sun Run. Feel warmer? Stay on Riverview Drive as it winds its way around first curving to the right and then to the left. Eventually you come to the intersection with Park Drive. Take a right turn and follow it all the way to Airport Way. Follow the frontage road to University Avenue and take a right. Again, you can follow your preferred route back to campus. The option shown on the map is to follow University and take a left onto Geist over to Fairbanks Street. Take a right to get you back to Patty Center. Total distance is 6.7 miles.

As previously mentioned, the next FBD run is on Christmas Day. We are planning to move the run earlier in the day to join Arthur and Janet with their traditional Christmas Day run, meeting at 11AM at Alaska Coffee Roasting on Geist. We will talk more about this on Wednesday. See you at Patty Center between 5:30 and 5:45. Be sure to wear headlamps and reflective gear for safety and to add to the holiday lighting.