Two for the price of one. This Wednesday it is a combined Fahrenheit Be Darned and Full Moon run. We’ll start with the usual Full Moon route, but we’ll add on from there to make it an 8 mile total out and back route. Everyone should know the Full Moon route by now: through the roundabout and up the hill to the ski hut, back down behind the West Ridge buildings and out the road to somewhere to the stop lights on Farmer’s Loop. From here we’ll turn left on the bike path past Ballaine Lake, across Yankovich and on up Ballaine Road until you get to Kittiwake. Take a left turn there and head up the hill to Dalton Trail and which point you’ll turn around and head back the way you came. Total distance is 8 miles. The standard Full Moon run to the lights at Farmer’s Loop is 4 miles round trip. If you go to where the bike path comes out on Ballaine Road and turn around there, that is about 6 miles. Something for everyone. Looks like it will be a warm run with a temperature in the 20s so dress accordingly, grab your hi viz gear and headlamp, and we’ll see you Wednesday around 5:40pm at Patty Center.