A cold dark December day is the perfect time to start thinking about the races you will run in the summer when the sun is high and the days and nights are warm. The 2020 RCN calendar is now online so you can plan your year around all your favorite runs and a few new ones you’re going to want to do. You can find the calendar on the RCN website home page and the Calendar page under the¬†Events menu.

A note to all the race directors: Please check your¬†event in both the online Google calendar and the pdf version. There can be the occasional error in the conversion process so please check and let us know if anything is amiss and we’ll get it fixed. Don’t wait until the day before your event to check.

Thanks to all the race directors and volunteers who provide us with a full year of running opportunities. Thanks to all of you who come out to run and add to the thriving running community in Fairbanks. Here’s to a grand year ahead!