As you’re preparing for your Thanksgiving festivities, don’t forget to make time for the Fahrenheit Be Darned run this Wednesday. It’s your chance to put one more run in the bank before the big day. Yes, there’s always a lot to do the night before Thanksgiving, but we’ll be there ready to run at the usual time: 5:30 at the usual place: UAF Patty Center.

The run this week starts out with George’s favorite warmup through the roundabout and up the hill past Butrovich. Turn in at Fireworks Point and follow the commuter trail around the hill and above the farm. Before you cross the first ski trail, take a left turn and drop down to Sheep Creek past the UAF sign. Follow the bike path to the right and shortly take a left turn opposite from where the Equinox turns into the ski trails. There is a good path here to get to the road without going through deep snow. Cross Sheep Creek and continue to your right and then take a left turn onto Sheep Creek Extension. Stay to the left and watch for traffic coming towards you.

When you get to the Parks Highway, take a left onto the bike path. It hasn’t been plowed, but it is a well-packed snow machine trail with pretty good footing. Stay on this path until just before you get to Geist and take a sharp left onto the trail across the field and back toward campus. This has recently been plowed and is excellent for running. Cross the field and before you get to the train tracks, take a right turn and parallel the train tracks toward the Morris Thompson overpass. Before you reach the overpass, follow the plowed trail around to the right and head back towards Geist. Just before you get to Geist, follow a short snow machine trail to Morris Thompson Drive, turn left, cross over to the sidewalk when you can, and follow it back to the roundabout and Patty Center. Total is 4.8 miles. If you want to make it a little shorter, when you cross the field, continue across the train tracks, cross the road, and turn right on the bike path and return to Patty Center for about 4 miles.

Hope you’re planning to join us. I know I yam! You’re guaranteed to have the baste time! You might even win the grand pies!