The next Fahrenheit Be Darned Run finds us in the middle of November already. Time to put a few more miles in the bank before Thanksgiving. New rule: every time you come to FBD in November means you can have another piece of pumpkin pie. I’m OK with that.

The route for this week starts out following the Midnight Sun Run course. Think warm thoughts as we head toward the roundabout and then head left down Morris Thompson Way and cross Geist at the light. Continue on Loftus and take a left onto Birch Lane. There is a nice pedestrian walkway on the right side of the road. Continue across Fairbanks Street until you come to a T in the road and take another left onto Wilcox. Take that up to Geist, turn right and go to the intersection with University. Turn left at the light and cross Geist and follow University to Sandvik where you’ll take a left and go past West Valley High School until you come out on Fairbanks St. Take a right turn, go up and over the bridge and back to campus.

From here, take a right turn and follow the hill down past the power plant. Just before you get to the time and temperature sign, take a left onto the bike path that takes you to the Taku parking lot. Go straight across the road and through the parking lot to a wide path that takes you up the hill to the 3-way intersection of Tanana Drive and North Tanana Drive. Go straight across the road and continue north on the bike path that brings you out to the Farmers Loop bike path. Take a really sharp right turn and head back along Farmers Loop to the stoplight and turn right back onto North Tanana Drive to take you back to that 3-way intersection. This time take a left turn onto Tanana Drive and head back around behind Davis Concert Hall, the library, and the engineering building and make your way back to Patty Center. Total distance is 6.0 miles. If you want to do something shorter, you can cut that in half by ending after you pass by West Valley and return to campus.

It might snow. It might get cold. I will definitely be dark. Whatever happens, we’ll be running. Hope to see you there.