Ready for Fahrenheit Be Darned winter training run #2? We were hoping to get another week on the trails, but with the snow of the past few days we’ve opted for something different. After several months of construction, the Mitchell Expressway bridge over the Chena River is complete and we want to check out the pedestrian path. You better be observant when crossing the bridge because George has promised a pop quiz when you return.

From the Patty Center (PC) we’ll go west through the roundabout, staying on the bike path almost to the reindeer farm. Just before the farm you’ll see a pullout on the left side of the road with a path down and across the railroad tracks. Continue on that path straight across the open field until you get to the traffic light on Geist. Cross there (Safely with the crosswalk!) and continue on the bike path that parallels the expressway exit ramp. You’ll soon recognize the bike path as part of the Chena River Run route. In a half mile or so, veer to the right and go up and over the new bridge. When you come down the other side and hit the frontage road, take a sharp left, loop back under the bridge, and continue straight for another half mile just like you’re finishing the Chena River Run. Keep going until you reach Pikes Landing Road which is the turnaround.

Head back the way you came, going back up and over the new bridge once again. As soon as you come down the other side, take a sharp right turn and then keep to your left when you get to the river until the bike path ends at Loftus Road. The next right turn is Birch Lane. There is a new bike path on the south side of Birch Lane that you will take to Fairbanks Street. Take a left there, pass the Post Office, cross Geist, and take the pedestrian bridge back to campus and the Patty Center. Total distance is 5.3 miles with many options for longer or shorter. Come join your training buddies Wednesday, the 9th of October at 5:45 at the UAF Patty Center.