We are already up to our 4th Fahrenheit Be Darned run this season. Thanks to all who have been joining us. It’s been a great mix of people, some old some new, but there’s always room for more. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is a good time to join us every Wednesday at 5:45 at the UAF Patty Center.

Getting to the end of October and there is still no snow to speak of on the ground. That means we can get in at least one more run on the trails. The route this week will be very similar to last week, but going in the opposite direction. It’s impossible to get enough of the Equinox trail so we’re going to do the first 5 miles of the course before returning through the T-field and ending with the last half mile of the Equinox course. You’re welcome to do the intervening 21 miles some other time.

We’ll start by heading up the sledding hill and, unlike last week, we’ll follow the complete Equinox course until you cross Yankovich at the Large Animal Research Station, aka, the muskox farm. If you’re unfamiliar with the route, you can check out the interactive map on the Equinox website here: https://www.equinoxmarathon.org/race-info/course/mile-marker-map/. When you cross Yankovich, you’ll quickly reach a Y in the trail. Here is where you’ll depart from the Equinox course by veering to the left until you come to the top of the power cut into T-field. Continue on the main trail until you reach the antennas on West Ridge. Here you will connect again with the Equinox course by continuing straight past the antenna and then taking a left turn on the commuter trail back up to the top of Butrovich hill. Start down the hill and then turn off the road to the left onto the trail below the Butrovich building until you cross the field and return to Patty Center. Total distance is about 7.2 miles. There are many options for something shorter that we can talk about Wednesday. Don’t forget your reflective gear and maybe even do a test run with your headlamp. It’s getting dark enough they could be handy to have.