We’re very pleased to announce that the 2018 calendar is now posted and online! You’ll see it on the home page, the Calendar page, and perhaps in a couple other spots where it makes sense for it to appear.

Huge thanks to the people who made this possible, particularly:

  • Gary Pohl, who managed the RCN calendar for longer than we can remember. Gary has now taken over as RCN President, so he’s passed the Calendar Czar baton to…
  • Brady Gross, who has joined the board of directors and has taken over calendar duties from Gary, shepherding the 2018 calendar through its final formative months, and…
  • Ed Debevec, whose technical expertise has once again magically transformed a lowly spreadsheet into Google calendar online splendor.

Important! The RCN calendar continues to be hosted online as a Google Calendar. That means that if you use Google Calendar in your own account, you can have all RCN events appear alongside yours. Which means that you never have to worry about missing a race or training run. (If you want to integrate the RCN calendar with yours, go to the Calendar page, click the colorful +Google Calendar icon in the lower right corner of the calendar, and select to add it to yours.)

BUT the address of the calendar has changed, with RCN’s full adoption of Google for Nonprofits. So if you’ve incorporated RCN’s calendar with yours in the past, you’ll need to do the procedure described in the previous paragraph anew to get the 2018 and future events. For reference, the new calendar is associated with the eventcalendar@runningclubnorth.org account. (The old one was runningclubnorth@gmail.com.)

Another note: The PDF file isn’t updated yet, as Brady and Ed sort out a few last minute details. But that will be on the Calendar page as soon as it’s ready. Update: The 2018 calendar PDF file is now posted! (1/5/2018)