Running Club North recently wrapped up another Winter training season with the end of the weekly Fahrenheit Be Darned and monthly Full Moon addendum’s( October thru March).
If you were one of the regulars who put these training runs on your personal winter training schedule or ones that should have, here are the stats of what you did or did not accomplish this past winter season.

* Total FBD  sessions  26
* Total Full Moon sessions  6
* Total miles if you did all FBD minimum distances – 78miles ( 3 mi x26)
* Total miles with the min and Full Moon (6 x 4mi) – 102miles.
* Total miles if you did all FBD maximum distances 140.7 miles. ( max mi varied per session)
* Total miles with the max and Full Moon Series  – 164.7 miles.
* Avg per outing   11 runners.
* Coldest session    -31*F
Age groups represented :   early 20’s thru mid 60’s.
Special events you may have missed:
*Annual Christmas lights run -over to “Riverview Drive”
* Road Trips:  “News Years Day” Ester Dome run and to Ann’s Greenhouse turn out in Goldstream Valley for “Over the Bridge and thru the Woods we go” , early Spring Out and Back.
Hot Chocolate consumed :  3.5 gals
Cookies, Treats & Chocolate Full Moon Brownies:  Lost count!
Well there you have it — What you DID or could have accomplished this past Winter season.
So, for those that did get out and join Running Club North’s winter training sessions  – Bring it on Mr Beethoven ! — We are ready for the Challenge!
For those of you that did not have FBD and Full Moon sessions on your calendar — We hope to see you this coming October to kick off the 2014/2015 RCN Winter training season.

Finally a special thank you to Mr Ed Debevec for helping me put these on and those of you that always stepped forward to help out when I was absent.
Thank You,
George Berry
RCN Membership Coordinator