The 2011 winners of the Running Club North awards, presented at Saturday night’s gala event, were…

Volunteer of the Year:
Dee Daniels and Karen (Nanseth) Harris – For organizing the Equinox training runs, and to Dee for conducting and posting over 100 interviews with Equinox Marathon runners. In the words of one person who nominated them: “These two took on the Steve Equinox Training Runs with GUSTO! Their planning, communication and enthusiasm were TREMENDOUS! The turnout was always great and there were lots of new faces. They got us to take pictures, they organized work parties and provided tasty treats…all essential!”

Race Director of the Year:
Jane Lanford – For 15 years of the Murphy Dome Roam, with a nod to this year’s new Run of the Mine at Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy.

Most Inspirational Runner of the Year:
Bobbi Jo Katchmar – For her positive attitude, constant smiling, perseverance (she did all the Flint Hills series and all the Northern Trail Running Series races, plus more!), and improvement of her own times. Comments from people who nominated her: “She is an inspiration. She is out at almost all of the runs, road or trail, big or small. Her dedication is incredible. It’s been awesome to see how much she has progressed over the last couple of years, showing that hard work pays off. No matter the race, she is out there giving motivation to everyone that it’s still a race even if you are not 1st place.”

The evening included the presentation of awards to the Flint Hills Youth Series winners, the Northern Trail Series winners, the Running Club North/Flint Hills Cup Series winners (overall and age group), plus everyone who completed all the races in each series. For a complete listing of RCN Cup winners, you can peruse John Estle’s website to your heart’s content at

Thanks to everyone who helped make this running season happen!