Dee Daniels recently created a blog about the Equinox Marathon, with the goal of interviewing as many past Equinox participants as possible, including you!

Dee has interviewed Equinox winners and seasoned runners, including a local legend, who have accumulated many Equinox patches.  But this blog is also about the rest of us – the walker or hiker, the runner who finishes in the middle of the pack or even towards the back.  All of you have a story to tell if you’ve participated in this event, including the ultra and the relay, and we all want to hear about it!

You’ll find some valuable training tips on this blog, as well as some insightful advice on how to best prepare for the Equinox course.  You’ll read about injuries, goals met, and moments of triumph and defeat. You will also find some very quirky and highly interesting anecdotes about the infamous snow year of 1992; what happens after consuming a huge chocolate bar moments before the race; and someone’s highly unconventional key workout in preparation for the equinox.  There’s so much people have to share about their Equinox experience.

Please share yours with us by visiting this blog at  Go to The Interview tab and you’ll find the list of 10 questions that comprise this interview.  Either email your answers along with a digital photo of yourself to the email address provided or contact Dee at 347-7277 and she will gladly interview you in person.

The stories of the individuals here combine to tell the story of the Equinox.  Please share yours!

You can find a permanent  link to the interviews from the RCN Equinox page.