From the Running Club North Board of Directors:

Although the Equinox Marathon is officially cancelled for 2020, there are undoubtedly a number of hardcore runners and hikers who will be out there on the trail completing the legendary event in what would have been its 58th annual running on September 19th. While most of the course is on dedicated easements and rights of way, there are portions that are on private property.

Specifically, on the day of the marathon, the Alaska Ski Corporation (ASC) graciously allows runners and hikers to traverse the Tunnel, Zipper, Hook, and the infamous Chute, located within its parcel on the top of Ester Dome. Running Club North (RCN) provides liability insurance to protect ASC during the event. However, with the event being cancelled, insurance will not be provided by RCN, and therefore these private property sections of the Equinox Marathon course are to remain closed to runners and hikers.

The RCN Board of Directors asks that you please respect ASC’s private property.