Our fifth Fahrenheit Be Darned run of the season falls on the night before Halloween. Not much frightens this intrepid band of runners, but we’ll see what we can do to scare up a spine-tingling romp through the pumpkin patch. But first, a word about equipment. Those who ran last week know that, even though daylight savings time hasn’t ended yet, it’s getting quite dark before we’re half way through the route. If you have a headlamp it would be a good idea to start bringing it every week so you have it if you need it. Same goes for spikeys as there is a bit of ice around after the rain last week. Most of our route this week is pretty clear, but there are some icy patches now and the possibility of some snow by Wednesday. Be prepared. If you’re unsure whether to bring it, then throw it in your car so it’s there if you need it.

The route this week will cover some familiar ground and some new places. We want to take advantage of the trails one more time before the snow comes for real. We’ll start out through the roundabout, up the hill, past the ski hut, and on the trail through T-field one more time. As of Monday, there are patches of ice from the antennas to T-field, but there is sufficient traction off to the sides or even on the commuter trail that parallels the ski trail. From T-field, go up the power cut, through the woods, and out to Yankovich. Turn left and follow the bike path up to the top of Miller Hill. Be sure to wave to the dearly departed souls in the cemetery across Yankovich and wish them a Happy Halloween. Take a left turn down Miller Hill and another left on the Sheep Creek bike path heading back to campus. Shortly after you pass the second drive into the botanical gardens, take a right across the road, cross the train tracks, and follow the trail across the field to the Geist/Parks Hwy intersection. Wait for the walk signal and cross Geist and take the bike path to the left. Go to the next traffic light at Loftus/Morris Thompson Way and turn left into campus to the roundabout, turn right and return to Patty Center. Total distance is 6.6 miles.

We’ll check the West Ridge trails on Wednesday and if the icy conditions have gotten any worse, then we’ll have an alternative ready. Come with your own suggestions if you see other options. Wednesday. Show up between 5:30 and 5:45. Costumes encouraged!