All the folks involved with the Fahrenheit Be Darned (FBD) Winter Training Runs hope you can migrate back for another season. George, Jeremy, and Ed have a few new, exciting challenges to keep things moving. Six months of winter can pass quickly if you get out and run often. Time and place is always the same and the RCN website spells this out. Every Wednesday from October through March at 5:30/5:45 we meet up at UAF Patty Center lobby. It’s a great way to keep motivated to run throughout the winter, learn about winter running in Alaska, and just have a good time with good people.

This 2019/2020 we will be offering up team competition. The old buddy system is alive and well. One of you has to make the weekly training to be in the drawing if more than one team completes all sessions also. Plus a few TB1 (Trail Boss 1) weekly tests of your sanity. Questions call George 687-8769,

Our first run is coming up on Wednesdaty, October 2nd. Here is the planned route. Up the hill past Butrovich and on to the ski trails out to T-field. Continue up the power cut and through the woods to connect with the Equinox trail. Follow that out to the top of Miller Hill and then down Lawlor. Take the gravel road at the corner and through the woods to the Hay Way fields and down to the bike path on Sheep Creek. Head back towards campus and take the commuter trail back up the hill to where the fireworks are launched every New Years Eve. Then back down the hill to the Patty Center for a total distance of 6.5 miles.