Running Club North
Board of Directors Duties

Duties of the President

The President shall be chairperson of the Board of Directors. He or she will lead and facilitate all meetings using rules based on parliamentary procedures. He or she shall appoint members or designate appointment to the chair of all standing or temporary committees. Committees may include members of the Club. The President shall perform those other duties that may be assigned by the Board of Directors (per bylaws).

  • Responsible for general oversight and chairing meetings
  • Review monthly bank statements provided by the Treasurer; review other financial statements provided by the Treasurer
  • Organize and provide oversight of meetings
  • Assist in responding to RCN e-mail requests [with the VP]
  • Ensure this duties list is reviewed at the same time the bylaws are reviewed
  • Other duties as required; such as speaking at public hearings, going to meetings on running related events, etc.
  • General oversight of all other BOD positions, assisting as needed

Duties of the Vice President

In the absence of the President, or in the case of his or her inability to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. If the President is removed from office, resigns or is disqualified, the Vice President automatically becomes President for the balance of the President’s term. In that event, the Board of Directors shall elect a member of the Board in good standing to fill the office of Vice President. The Vice President shall perform those other duties that may be assigned by the President or Board (per bylaws).

  • Assist the President with duties
  • Maintain RCN web email. Respond to inquiries, etc.
  • Assist designated RCN member (who must be affiliated with the University of Alaska Fairbanks) as co-moderator of the RCN list-serve.  RCN is currently maintaining a list-serve e-mail service as a means to get running related information out to the community.

Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and of membership meetings, send out notices of membership meetings, and maintain custody of the records to include correspondence received or sent by the Club. The secretary shall perform those other duties that may be assigned by the President or Board (per bylaws).

  • Keep records of activities, rules, bylaws, approved logos and policies. Take accurate minutes at every meeting and keep an e-copy in file.
  • Work towards maintaining all files in electronic format and assure access to file copies go to President and VP at regular intervals
  • Back up e-files periodically
  • Chair meetings in absence of President and the Vice President

Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall ensure membership dues and other cash received is deposited, have custody of all funds belonging to the Club, make disbursement and keep the necessary financial records. The Treasurer shall perform those other duties that may be assigned by the President or the Board (per bylaws).

The treasurer shall be responsible for financial accountability:

  • Receiving payments, and making and recording deposits of RCN income. More than one RCN member may make deposits. However, depositors will send the deposit information to the treasurer.
  • Write and record checks for RCN expenditures
  • Provide written financial statements that include current cash balances as well as year to date income and expenditures quarterly at RCN Board meetings and at the RCN annual meeting
  • Provide monthly bank statements to the President
  • Timely submittal of IRS tax form 990. It may be necessary to hire a CPA firm to fill out the 990. In any case, the treasurer makes sure that the 990 form is completed in a timely manner, signed by the president, and mailed to the IRS. The 990 form should be filed by May 15th of the year, but extensions can be filed if needed. Advise President and VP when such actions are completed.
  • Coordinate with RCN’s accountant to prepare any IRS or state related filings, licenses as needed.

Duties of the Calendar Coordinator

  • Responsible for communicating guidelines and procedures with RCN sponsored race directors.
  • Maintain and periodically update Race Director Guidelines, Race Registration, and Risk Waiver Forms and e-mail list of race directors
  • Distributes race information requests to race directors, collects and inputs information and organizes draft calendar prior to the annual meeting
  • Coordinates master scheduling of events at the annual meeting, and subsequently prepares final calendar
  • Arranges for technical editing of the final draft by key persons
  • Coordinates incorporation of the calendar and RCN advertisement into the Alaska (Statewide) Runner’s Calendar
  • Other duties have included assisting new race directors for new events in the initial planning and inaugural events
  • Check the Sports Slate in the News-Miner regularly to make sure the running event information is there and accurate
  • Responsible for coordinating with volunteer RCN social media person any needs they may have to come to the board
  • Work with race directors if an event needs to be canceled due to weather, smoke, or other circumstances—this means disseminating news of the cancellation as widely as possible, including social media (Facebook), emails, News-Miner, listing to RCN list-serve.

Duties of the Membership Coordinator

  • Early each month, send out renewal notices via email for members who expire that month
  • Early each month, move expired members from the “current” page to the “expirees” page
  • Maintain Equinox Lifetime membership records (created and passed on by Equinox RD)
  • Update the roster for new members, renewals, and other changes as needed in the data base files. Create a back-up for this file regularly.
  • Send email acknowledgment and Thank You of dues paid or joining RCN (use standard membership receipt Email format)
  • Print and mail membership letters
  • Keep hard copy files in binders
  • Support other BOD members with membership files data as requested.
  • Promote membership at various events
  • Increase membership benefits by asking sponsors to provide freebies/discounts to members

Duties of the Equipment Manager

  • Maintain equipment inventory, condition, and location of 20’ Conex (currently at Mo-Holland Dance Studio parking lot on College Road)
  • Checks in/out trailers (3 – Timing, Equip and Cargo, currently kept at Beaver Sports properties on College Road) and RCN equipment to all users
  • Maintain, fix, or replace equipment when/if necessary
  • Has an inventory checklist for all items in or out of trailers
  • Knows and prepares equipment for upcoming races per on-line Race Directors submittals per event
  • Needs to be available to pick up left equipment if necessary or needs to contact user
  • Assists in responding to requests from race directors for whatever items need attention … water jugs, tables, timing equipment
  • Coordinate back up person as needed for extra support or absences

Duties of Running Series Coordinator

  • Lead planning of the annual RCN banquet and awards ceremony. Ensure reservation of the venue.
  • Annually submit request of continued financial support to the current prime Series Sponsor following the sponsor’s timeline and format. Responsible for communicating with sponsor contact, running series race directors, and timing contractor on series-related business.
  • Review and update (if needed) Running Series rules annually

Duties of the Events  Coordinator

  • Submits annual RRCA membership renewal paperwork
  • Review calendar after it is finalized and obtain insurance for all RCN races
  • Assist in responding to requests from race directors for insurance certificates
  • Handle insurance questions and help race directors obtain insurance certificates from the RRCA Insurance Carrier. In addition, gather requests for additional insured parties when applicable.
  • Coordinate any assistance with Race Directors to ensure they have copies of insurance certificates to any third parties requiring such copy and notification, i.e. Alaska Ski Corp, State of Alaska-DOT, BLM, other
  • Maintain Insurance contact information on RRCA & Underwriter, the above State/Federal agencies, private landowners that request “Additionally Insured” hard copies
  • Additional insured parties that are approved and continue each year include the University of Alaska Fairbanks – with respect to all races and events held on their premises. This needs to be addressed ASAP in January as races begin immediately. (Need to go through the calendar and list all events – what it is, how far, trail run or road race, etc., and list dates of the events – send request to Diller-Smith Insurance.)

Duties of the Trails Liaison

  • Advise BOD on trail-related matters in general and specific information that may impact RCN events
  • Attend UAF Trails Club and ITPC meetings as often as possible
  • Develop and maintain contact with government officials and other interested entities, to include landowners, on trail-related issues
  • Attend as many public meetings on trail related issues as possible to advise BOD in timely manner if a time-sensitive issue
  • Recommend RCN advocacy (when appropriate) on trail initiatives; draft advocacy letters
  • Recommend and arrange for RCN trail maintenance projects when appropriate

Duties of Member-At-Large

  • Provide feedback from the community from any source, relating to running related topics.
  • Take and produce minutes in the absence of the Secretary.
  • As able, volunteer for additional duties to support the BOD

Duties of University of Alaska Fairbanks Athletic Department liaison
(an appointed position)

  • Attend as many RCN meetings as possible
  • Share UAF concerns with RCN
  • Schedule requested RCN Board meetings at UAF
  • Relay as much information as possible to the UAF Director of Athletics regarding Running Club North events
  • Work with the RCN insurance liaison to ensure that certificates of insurance from the RRCA insurance provider are in place and on file at the UAF athletics office, and provide a copy of insurance certificates to UAF Risk Management

Other board duties done by a BOD member
(as assigned)

  • Oversee RCN high school track contracts
  • Oversee website maintenance
  • Pick up RCN mail and deliver to the appropriate POC; Secretary will receive and file a copy of key correspondence, if not maintained by a specific POC
  • Serve as the RCN historian; ensure relevant historic documents are maintained