4th Annual Cache Creek Warm-Up - 10/22/2011
 6.8 miles, out & back on Cache Creek Road
 Crisply cool, 18 degrees
 Twelve runners (twice as many as last year!) came out to Murphy Dome Saturday morning
 for the 4th annual Cache Creek Warm-Up, a 6.8-mile race on Cache Creek Road.
 Packed snow offered somewhat slippery conditions as the runners' efforts
 warmed them up enroute. Hot and cold drinks and cookies awaited at the finish, and mugs
 filled with hot drink mixes were awarded to the winners, 16-year-old Keegan Rankin
 and women's winner Dorli McWayne.
 Thanks to Andrea Dubenezic for assisting RD Jane Lanford with timing; and to Alysha,
 Craig and Ethan, three members of the Aurora Borealis Rotaract Club, for manning the water stop.
   Overall results: Time M/F 
 1  Keegan Rankin 45:30 M 
 2  Eric Rankin 49:07 M 
 3  Tom Moran 50:03 M 
 4  Ed Debevec 52:54 M 
 5  Dorli McWayne 55:26 F 
 6  John Petersen 56:41 M 
 7  Ned Rozell 59:30 M 
 8  Dan Bishop 1:00:08 M 
 9  Brigit Noon 1:01:30 F 
 10  Joe Decker 1:03:15 M 
 11  Dave Throop 1:06:10 M 
 12  Karen Toland 1:15:55 F