UAF Campus Hill Run

4.2 Mile Race

Saturday January 3, 1998

11:00 AM

UAF Patty Center

4.2 Miles via paved roads

Via West Ridge, out to Farmers Loop and back

Mostly clear skies, with light fog -35° F Light S/W breeze Mostly snow-covered pavement, icy spots
Sunrise: 10:51 AM Sunset: 3:01 PM
4 hours 10 minutes - possible sunshine

Once again,the official 9 AM Fairbanks temperature at Fairbanks International Airport was colder than our official race cutoff temperature of -25°F but, nonetheless, 10 runners and the Race Director were in the parking lot at 11 AM, mostly ready to run. With the closest temperature sign reading -35°F, the race was run without a hitch (and no frostbite either). Up on West Ridge the sun had still not risen high enough, to clear the layer of fog and haze lying over the Tanana Valley, to greet the runners on their return along the out-and-back course.

But, runners and others, take heart: we have gained nearly 30 minutes of possible sunshine since our shortest day last month, and we have almost reached our coldest day. Conditions will improve! Oh, the race - Scott McCrea covered the hilly course with a winning time of 30:40, and Jane Lanford ran a winning 34:41.


1. Scott McCrea 30:40
2. John Fridrich 30:58
3. Bob Wheeler 32:27
4. Bob Vitale 33:00
5. (tie) Jane Lanford 34:21
5. (tie) Dave Cowee 34:21
7. Steve Lanford 37:39
8. Corky Dow 38:34
9. George Berry 43:11
10. Paul Reynolds 51:51

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