Two Street Station

Cookie Challange

Saturday October 20th, 2007

10:00 AM

UAF, Patty Center

	Sayre, Kimbrell, victorious in Two Street Race

Roger Sayre and Sandra Kimbrell won their respective divisions in the
Two Street Station Cookie Challenge race on Saturday.

Sayre completed the course in a time of 47:26 while Kimbrell captured
her first running victory with a time of 1:03:37.

Normally a 6.5 mile course, the race was longer this year as last
minute adjustments were made to accommodate for the snowfall. Race
director Scott McCrea said that even with the snowfall, the course
still included a section of the UAF ski trails.

“I don’t think the participants were pleased with that,” said McCrea.
“Most of them described it like running through sand.”

Lathrop runner Zach Ginn came in second with a time of 48:58 and was
followed closely behind by Wayde Leder with a time of 49:02. Stephanie
King was second for women with a time of 1:08:47, while Lisa Morris
took third with a time of

The top three men and women all received cookies from Two Street Station.

1. Sandra Kimbrell 1:03:37
2. Stephanie King 1:08:47
3. Lisa Morris 1:12:28
4. Ailly Zacheis 1:15:19
5. Shirley Winther 1:17:20

1. Roger Sayre 47:26
2. Zach Ginn 48:58
3. Wayde Leder 49:02
4. Glenn Thompson 49:59
5. Pete Nelson 50:09
6. Dave Elliott 56:20
7. Ed Debevec 57:05
8. Bob Vitale 58:36
9. Josh Woodaz 58:59
10. Arnold Chingliak 59:09
11. Steve Bainbridge 1:00:09
12. Greg Petitto 1:03:50
13. Mark Woods 1:13:55
14. Edward Rouleau 1:16:04
15. Robert Toporowski 1:17:20
16. Tim Doran 1:17:34

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