Two Way Torture Test

Saturday May 30th, 2009

9:00 AM

Chena Pump House

Bike path and paved road.

Fifty-six runners participated in the 29th Two-Way Torture Test on Saturday,
a unique event in which two individuals each run a half-marathon in opposite
directions and then combine their times.

The 13.1-mile course started and ended at the Pump House Restaurant, where
one team runner proceeded around Chena Ridge clockwise and the other went
counter-clockwise. The team Masters Trying to Avoid Disaster (Roger Sayre
and Mark Lindberg) posted the fastest overall time of 2 hours, 42 minutes
and 40 seconds to win the men’s division.

Maize & Green (Laura Brosius and Matias Saari) claimed the co-ed division
in 2:46:51 while Blondee (Jane LeBlond and Dee Daniels) took the women’s
division in 3:13:29. Among individuals, Kevin Brinegar and Saari clocked
the quickest circuit of 1:16:35. They went counter-clockwise, taking a long
gradual climb up Chena Ridge followed by a steep descent.

Mark Lindberg was third in 1:19:05 and the fastest to travel clockwise.
Brosius, in 1:30:16, was the speediest woman, followed by Jane LeBlond
(1:32:30) and Kristen Rozell (1:36:17). Greg Finstad (1:34:53) ran with an
arm in a sling and was among four members of his family to participate.
Anne Niebler and Niwu Webster (Kodiak Xtra-Tufs) came all the way from the
Emerald Isle.

Because of traffic concerns on Chena Pump and Chena Ridge roads, the event — one of the oldest and toughest on the local running calendar — could be canceled next year or moved to Goldstream Valley, race director Rob Solomon said.


WOMEN Blondee 3:13:29      Jane LeBlond 1:32:30
     Dee Daniels 1:40:59

Rovas 3:19:41      Kristen Rozell 1:36:17      Cindy Bravo 1:43:24

Birch Hill Babes 3:32:17
     Elizabeth Found 1:47:24      Sarah Riddle 1:44:53

The Last Minute 3:46:58      Robbin Garber-Slaght 1:56:33      Lisa Beattie 1:50:25

West Side Girls 4:06:28      Jessica Trine 1:58:49      Daneial Gray 2:07:39

Young Heads 4:10:27      Sara Young 2:17:53      Melissa Head 1:52:34

Kodiak Xtra-Tufs 4:23:52      Anne Niebler 1:56:21      Niwu Webster 2:27:31

Aim 2 Finish 4:30:09      Angel Buchanan 2:02:52      Kristi Sandberg 2:27:17

Pseudotsuga 4:41:26      Amy Zacheis 2:20:43      Kathi Stevens 2:20:43

Em 'N Em 4:46:53      Monte Jordan 2:29:26      Melody Deisher 2:17:27

MEN Masters Trying to Avoid Disaster 2:42:40      Roger Sayre 1:23:35      Mark Linberg 1:19:05

Not Too Clever 3:12:26      David Leonard 1:39:42
     Ted Wu 1:32:44

Too Softly Spoken 3:24:10      Kevin Brinegar 1:16:35      Dave Cowee 2:07:35

M Doam Roamers 3:49:39      Tom Liebscher 2:05:57      Arnold Chingliak 1:43:42

Rock & Rollin' 3:55:05      Trent Hubbard 1:54:58      Dave Szumigala 2:00:27

Achy Legs 4:01:32      Bob Vitale 1:47:11      Kenny Haskins 2:14:21

Incognito 4:19:00      Wayne Livingston 2:12:17      Dan Bishop 2:06:43

Spidermen 5:10:42      Paul Reynolds 3:27:00      Nicholas Storch 1:43:42

COED Maize & Green 2:46:51      Laura Brosius 1:30:16      Matias Saari 1:16:35

Team Flaharty 3:06:26      Davya Flaharty 1:36:12      Tyson Flaharty 1:30:14

Fit at Forty 3:07:01      Susan Kramer 1:43:50      Mike Kramer 1:23:11

Team Finstad 3:38:20      Krynn Finstad 2:03:27      Greg Finstad 1:34:53

Meet You Halfway 3:48:19      Carrie Jordan 2:07:34      Bob Jordan 1:40:45

Team Tanana 3:51:47      Renee Parsley 2:04:10      Peter Shier 1:47:37

4015B 3:52:16      Regina Finstad 2:20:45      Brant Finstad 1:31:31

Mixed Nuts 4:10:10      Dena Doublex 2:10:33      Jim Madonna 1:59:37

Running in Circles 4:24:24      Nichole Lee 2:11:50      Wing Tham 2:12:34

Double "W" Trouble 4:25:24      Shirley Winther 2:07:40      Mark Wood 2:17:36

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