Turkey Trot 
  Runners ran without watches, seeing how close they could 
  finish to their predicted times on the 3.2 mile course. 
  Prize of game hens went to Andrea Swingley for the  
  closest prediction (1 second off) and Monty Bloom for the 
  least closest prediction (7:32 off). Paul Reynolds won the 
  the random prize drawing of a turkey. 
  Following are the finishers in order of how close to 
  their predicted times. 
  Andrea Swingley :01    
  Katherine Mulliken :03    
  Arthur Hussey :10    
  Nellie Ballou :17    
  Janet Daley :22    
  Sean Timmons :59    
  Jane Lanford 1:30    
  Sue Bishop 2:40    
  Petra Timmons 2:46    
  Chris England 2:46    
  Paul Reynolds 3:21    
  Todd Lynai 4:39    
  Skye Greer 6:33    
  Monty Bloom 7:28