Turkey Trot 5 Km    
   The 2015 RCN Turkey Trot was held at UAF. It was just    
    over 5 km and was a predicted time event in which runners     
   predict their time, then must run with no timing device.    
   Cathi Batchelder won the event, finishing only 2 seconds     
   off from her predicted time. Last year she was 5 seconds    
   from her predicted time, and in 2013 was 9 seconds off.     
   Janet Daley was second closest, being only 4 seconds from    
   her predicted time, and Miker Frantes was third at 13 seconds    
   from his predicted. Ashley Epperner was furthest from     
   her predicted time, finishing 8 minutes 19 seconds faster than     
   anticipated. Both Cathi and Ashley won a Cornish Game Hen    
   for their efforts. Paul Albright won the drawing for the Turkey.    
   Times for runners (not in any particular order)    
   Paul Albright 47:29   
   Cathi Batchelder 30:23   
   George Berry 32:45   
   Kyle Bock 23:30   
   Joses Bolanos 26:36   
   Ally Burton 37:10   
   Madeline Burton 36:09   
   Pam Burton 37:14   
   Janet Daley 38:37   
   Ed Debevec 24:01   
   Ashley Epperner 31:36   
   Miker Frantes 30:33   
   Susie Frei 37:28   
   Skye Greer  37:28   
   Arthur Hussey 34:18   
   Jeremy Johnson 24:50   
   Jane Lanford 30:55   
   David Leonard 24:00   
   Walter Lindley 31:02   
   Ron Oliver 23:36   
   Keith Pollock 31:17   
   Paul Reynolds 40:09   
   Van Rorc 34:17   
   Nick Shamrell 22:50   
   Claire Shroades 47:30   
   Emma Shroades 46:58   
   Jesse Shroades 47:32   
   Andrea Swingley 38:02   
   Brooke Walls  31:55