Turkey Trot

Predicted Time Race

Saturday November 18, 2006

11:00 AM

UAF Patty Center

5.4 km Loop

Race Temperature: -22F/ -30C

Predicted Time Race - Runners predict their times before the race and run without watches.

Closest to predicted time

Mark Simon  4 seconds faster
Tim Doran   4 seconds slower

Furthest from guessed time

Paul Reynolds  4:05 faster

Fastest Woman

Laura Brosius 20:23

Fastest Man

Ken Tape  20:24

Participants (times not available)

Corky Hebard     
Arnold Chingliak 
Bob Vitale       
Sandra Kimbrell  
Paul Reynolds    
Shirley Winther  
Keith Kimbrell   
Walt Tape        
John Petersen    
Ken Tape         

Laura Brosius    
Niki Greer       
Jillian Ladegard 
Skye Greer       
Joe Little       
Nara Hays        
Jim and Emma Lee 
Jane Lanford     
Steve Bainbridge 
Elting Russell   

Tim Doran        
Hal Needham      
Bob Eder         
Christie Haupert 
Pat Kalen        
Charles Mantei   
Gail Koepf       
Rocky Reifenstuhl
Mark Simon       

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